About Us

There are thousands of advertising agencies out there, but there is only one like Express Advertising. Because not only do we offer the whole creative package – web design, copy writing, SEO services, social media marketing, print media and award winning graphic designers… but we can also deliver it to your doorstep all tied up in a bow – literally!

We don’t just rely on couriers or the postal service when it comes to delivering your dreams, we can actually drive them to wherever in the United Kingdom you are!

On top of all that, we do something else that a lot of other, bigger and older companies don’t always manage to do – we communicate.

We talk to each other and we talk to you. We like to make sure that everyone is on the same page, when it comes to creating your media strategy. So the first thing we like to do is get the kettle on and have a good old fashioned natter.

The more information we have about you as a person, you as a company and the service you offer, the better. Then we want to know who your clients are and the best way to reach them.

Once we know all this, then we can best work out how to target the right people and pick the right time to do it in.

When people come to our offices, they are often surprised at how young we all are. At present, we are all under the age of thirty six. However, please do not mistake our young age for lack of experience. We have upwards of fifteen years personal experience in our respective industries and as a company, have been in existence for a decade.

Because we are a tight knit group, once you have spoken to one of us, all of us will work together to achieve your goal.

So before you call a larger advertising agency and pay a much larger fee, try us for a quote!

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