What Our Design And Print Services Can Offer Your Business

It’s 2017 and so whatever advertising or print job you are thinking of, you want it done to a high standard and you want it done yesterday.

You expect quality and naturally need something that is way beyond what you may be able to knock up on your own desktop.

You want eye catching graphics and logos that will capture the hearts and minds of your clients. You want to build your brands and work with a company that understands what you are trying to achieve and is prepared to put the effort into finding out what it is that makes you tick.

We can manage that and exceed your expectations in all these departments and more than that, we can help you come up with a truly killer print marketing and advertising campaign that gets your business brand or service out there.

At express advertising, we supply high quality corporate promotional items and merchandising products to scores of clients on a daily basis.

We can offer a huge variety of styles, sizes and designs in each and every one of our corporate gift bags that we offer and of course, will work with you on any bespoke design that you might want.

Just because you cannot see it on our catalogue does not mean that it is not there. We have been specializing in printed promotional items for over ten years now and there is nothing that our designers cannot create for you.

But first, it helps to know a little bit more about what your needs are. When you contact us, we will call you back with both our business manager and top designer and really try to get to grips with you as a company.

We will discuss your client base, your current marketing strategies and how you feel they are working for you. Then we will listen carefully to what exactly it is you are hoping to achieve and how we can best facilitate that for you.

Once we know who your clients are, then we can best help to start design the advert or the merchandising products around them.

It is not just the design you will get with our team, but a fully holistic approach from beginning to end. For example, we have the logistics behind us to deliver a batch of promotional business gifts to a conference in London or to get a consignment of chocolates and champagne up to Inverness for a product launch.

Our clients have been pleasantly surprised by our can do attitude to both design and printing turnaround times and then by our fast delivery speeds!

For short print runs of items such as t shirts, mugs and pens, we can have your product with you, in most UK locations, within twenty four hours.

Larger orders and other types of clothing can be achieved within seventy two hours or a week, depending on the exact specifications.

And quality is always assured on all our printed and promotional products.

So whether it’s an advert in a magazine or promotional cups you want making, give us a call and you will soon have your order fulfilled.

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