Of course, we believe we are the best in the business at what we do, but we thought we would allow one of our customers to say exactly what it is they liked best about our services.

Our clients range from finance and legal companies to local firms of electricians and a number of restaurants and small clothing businesses.

They are all very different companies serving very different customer and client bases, but we have managed to cater for all of them in a way that compliments their business identity the best.

Here is what one of them has to say about Express Advertising’s campaigns and services.


“As a finance and credit company, we were initially nervous of an advertising campaign that may paint us in a conservative or dull light. We were pleasantly surprised to find that Dominic, the marketing manager of Express Advertising understood our needs straight away and was immediately able to come up with some very workable ideas, which were a world away from being dull and staid.

We had tried other marketing firms and been slightly underwhelmed with the results, but not this time! Dominic created a dynamic internet marketing campaign, coupled with a more traditional flyer drop. Both of these worked instantly as a shot in the arm to our sales, which had been flagging badly for some time.

Within a couple of weeks of the advertising campaign, we were seeing a huge rise in sales and interest in our products and services.

Additionally, the fees were incredibly reasonable for such a professional service and such instantaneous success!

Since advertising with Express Advertising, we have expanded our operation and taken on two new members of staff to keep up with demand.

I would recommend any business, whoever you are or whatever you do, could benefit from a call to Express Advertising, as it was literally our lifeline and we went from struggling to soaring within a matter of weeks.

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