Why Choose Us

Express Advertising is a company of dynamic and young creative professionals, ranging in ages from twenty one to thirty five.

We may be young, but we do not lack experience and we have a breadth of knowledge in industries from web design, graphic design, print media, event promotion, logistics, business management and PR.

Between us, we have the complete package in order to create, market and deliver the marketing or advertising that your business needs – and we can do it right to your door in our Express Advertising van!

The first thing we do when you hire us, or even if you are just in the process of finding out whether you do want to hire us, is to take down all your details and really try to get to grips with who you are and what you do.

Then we can tailor what you want from us the most efficiently. We usually start by having a face to face meeting with you, if at all possible.

A face to face meeting is usually the quickest and best way of learning what it is that you, the client, require of us. We also like the chance to get to know all our clients on a personal level.

However, if a one on one meeting is not possible, then we are happy to accommodate you via Skype or even just chat on the phone.

Our personal approach is the one thing that all our customers say they really appreciate about working with us. Because we are only quite a small team and are all based at the same, small, office, we have the advantage of being a far more closely knit team than some advertising agencies.

This means that we communicate more effectively and everyone in our company will know exactly what your needs are – no more having to repeat what you want to different people!

We pride ourselves on our fast, friendly service and can offer some of the most creative young talent in the UK today.

Call us now to find out how we can help you in 2017!

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